EFO-Educational Foundation of Orinda

The Educational Foundation of Orinda's commitment to Wagner Ranch Elementary School students:
  • Art Instruction (100% EFO funded)
  • Vocal Music Instruction (100% EFO funded)
  • Instrumental Music Instruction (100% EFO funded)
  • TK/K-3 class size reduction (EFO funded in partnership with WRPC)
Without your support of EFO, these critical educational benefits could be lost. By participating in the EFO Campaign at Wagner Ranch Elementary School you help provide a margin of excellence not found in other school districts.

Please donate below and remember: double your gift with corporate matching. EFO Donation: $650/student per year. EFO funds support art and music instruction for all students as well as small class sizes for TK-3rd grade (together with ** Parents Club). Visit EFO's website. for more information on how it supports all Orinda students.

Thank you! Every donation is truly valued, appreciated and needed. An automatic Installment payment plan or e-check option is available through the EFO website, http://www.orindaefo.org/.